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GANGSTER - Lorenzo Carcaterra

Epic crime novel.

Soft cover.

Very good condition.

English language.



Year of publication: 2002

Pages: 456

Dimensions: 17,5 x 11 cm


Lorenzo Carcaterra (born October 16, 1954, in Clinton, New York) is an American writer of Italian descent. Clinton is the setting for his most famous book, Sleepers, which was adapted as a 1996 film of the same name. In April 2009, he joined True/Slant as a blogger.

His family is from the island of Ischia, eighteen miles off the coast of Naples.

He became a journalist by 1980 when his first articles begin to appear in various newspapers. Carcaterra has two children; he is a widower.


"Gangster" is a novel by Lorenzo Carcaterra, published in 2001, narrating the life of Angelo Vestieri from the early 20th Century until his death, and his rise to power in the New York City underworld.

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