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MODERN ENGLISH PROSE - Second Series - Edited by Guy Boas, M.A.

MODERN ENGLISH PROSE - Second Series - Edited by Guy Boas M.A.
A wonderful collection of 23 short prose pieces by authors of the likes of Aldous Huxley and W. Somerset Maugham and Winston Churchill amongst others in a 1946 MacMillan edition of THE SCHOLAR'S LIBRARY.

Year: 1946

Pages: 236

Dimensions: 17,5 cm X 11,6 cm


Green cloth boards with gilt lettering to spine



Birth of a Cloud Sagittarius Risitig Cecil Lewis

Men and the Mountain The Times Anonymous  

The Country Rotunda Aldous Huxley

A Motor Drive in the U.S.A. A Visit to America A. G. Macdonell

Moscow First Russia, Then Tibet Robert Byron

At a Spanish Parador Marching Spain V. S. Pritchett

On the Mystical nature of the Passport Punch A. P. Herbert



The Verger W. Somerset Maugham

The High Lama  James Hilton

Orpheus and Bones of Contention- Frank  O’Connor

Greater London They Walk in the City J. B. Priestley

A Gangster’s Funeral Juan in America Eric Linklater

The Tunnel' The Fomtain punch Charles Morgan

Example of Modern Science



A Modern Ballad Introduction to Modern Poetry Martin Gilkes

Caesar’s Death Julius Caesar John Buchan

New Ways of Stamp Collecting Stanley Phillips Collecting Stamps

Penguins The Polar Regions Frank Debenham

Sir Walter Scott Speeches of Lord Birkenhead Lord Birkenhead

Characteristics of Wagner’s music Richard Wagner Sir Henry Hadow

The President de Brosses Portraits in Miniature Lytton Strachey

Lawrence of Arabia Great Contempo- raries Winston Churchill

Einstein The harvest of victory Esme Wingfield-Stratford




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